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Arsonist sets fire to Calgary Pastor’s garage

Calgary fire department putting out a fire that an arsonist set on Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s garage on May 15, 2021. Credit: YouTube video capture

Pastor Artur Pawlowski from Calgary Alberta Canada is in the news again as his garage was set on fire by an arsonist in the middle of the night on May 15, 2021.

Pastor Pawlowski first surfaced a few weeks back when he drove an Alberta Health inspector and several police from his church on Easter Friday. Pawlowski is one of several pastors in Alberta who have been holding church services in defiance of the province’s lockdown orders.

Then we witnessed Pawlowski’s dramatic arrest by Calgary police on a main thoroughfare for violating the province’s lockdown order.

Now it appears a sick vigilante arsonist decided to set fire to Pawlowki’s garage shortly after his arrest by police. Apparently, the individual(s) can’t tolerate people holding different opinions on the lockdowns.

The Blaze reports:

The fire, the pastor said, was reportedly started with cardboard stuffed inside a blue bin that was shoved up against the garage’s wooden door.

“Someone set our property on fire, someone wants us dead,” he told the outlet. “And I’m thinking, ‘Why?’ I’m feeding the poor, I’m feeding Muslims, I’m feeding homosexuals. I’m feeding whites, and Asians, and blacks. I’m feeding people and I’m not hurting anyone and they want me dead and they want my children dead.” […]

“This is shocking,” the outspoken pastor admitted. “I would never imagine that we would be living in a country that the differences — you know, our rights to be different, our rights to be able to express ourselves in a different way than others — would be punishable by death by some of those people.”

READ: Suspects reportedly set fire to Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s garage as his family slept: ‘All in the name of tolerance’

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