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Jewish supporters attacked in Canada

Hamas and pro-Israel supporters face off in Toronto on May 22, 2021
Credit: YouTube Capture

There were two protests in Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square on Saturday (May 15, 2021). One involved a larger crowd of about 5,000 people who were there to protest Israel’s retaliatory strikes against the terrorist organization, Hamas, that controls the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip bordering the Mediterranean Sea: UN

There was also a smaller group supporting Israel’s right to defend itself in the current conflict.

It appears that some Hamas supporters wanted to take the fight to the Jews in Canada as well, as they began attacking the smaller Jewish group, requiring police officers to escort the pro Israel supporters to safety.

Hamas started the conflict on Monday, May 10, 2021, when it indiscriminately launched 1,200 missiles against Israel. Since then, the terrorist organization has sent over 2,800 missiles against Israel, that has retaliated, by trying to take out Hamas’ leadership/fighters and missile sites in the Gaza Strip. READ: Hamas fires 2,800 rockets towards Israel in five days

The Blaze provides the details about the Toronto rallies:

There were two disturbing incidents directed against Jews this weekend as tensions flared from the current Israel-Gaza conflict. Anti-Semitic chants were shouted from a pro-Palestine caravan in London and Jews were attacked during a pro-Palestine rally in Toronto.

There was a large pro-Palestinian rally at Nathan Philips Square in downtown Toronto on Saturday, where more than 5,000 Canadians showed their support for Palestine in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

There was also a much smaller pro-Israel rally that took place in Toronto. The pro-Israel demonstration needed police protection from the members of the pro-Palestine protest.

At one point on Saturday, members from both protests were together in the streets. Video shows pro-Palestinian members violently attacking Jews, striking them with makeshift weapons such as a flagpole with a Palestine flag.

READ: VIDEO: Jews attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters in Toronto. Anti-Semitic chants hurled in London: ‘F*** Jews, rape their daughters!’

And it is not just Canada but Facebook as well. Facebook took down a pro-Israel page that was asking people to pray for Israel during the current conflict after the page was inundated with vile, anti-Semitic hate speech. Some people were even posting pro-Hitler comments. READ: Pro-Israel Prayer Page Pulled from Facebook After Radical Islamists Targeted It with Extreme Hate Speech

A couple videos from the Toronto rallies:

In this video, you can see the smaller Jewish group in the middle surrounded on both sides by Hamas supporters:

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