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FACE FILTERS: Nothing is as it seems


It’s the internet, and we should all realize that nothing is as it seems.

A young woman in her twenties from Japan had gained over 25,000 supporters posting videos and comments on Twitter. Then someone saw an image of an older man reflected in a mirror in the background of one of the young woman’s videos.

The Daily Caller explains what happened next:

A supposedly young, female influencer with thousands of followers revealed that they were actually a middle-aged man after some Twitter followers became skeptical of his identity.

The Japanese influencer, who goes by Souya no Sohi or Azusagakuyuki and has more than 25,000 followers, revealed that he was actually a 50-year-old man who was using a photo filter, Business Insider reported.

READ: Young Female Influencer From Japan Revealed To Be 50-Year-Old Man Using Face Filters

Of course, some face filters work better than others. READ: ‘I’m not a cat,’ Texas lawyer declares, after getting stuck in a kitten filter on Zoom

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