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Violent inmates more likely to re-offend after going through rehab programs?

A study of violent offenders in Britain was kept hidden by politicians for several years because it revealed that violent inmates who went through the government’s rehab programs actually committed more crimes when released than those that didn’t go through the program.

Predictably government bureaucrats in the country’s justice department are continuing to push violent offenders through the program.

The Daily Mail explains:

Britain’s most dangerous prisoners are more likely to reoffend when they leave jail if they are put on a high-profile rehabilitation programme, the Daily Mail can reveal.

A bombshell study reveals that offenders who went through the programme posed a greater risk than those who had not – and they went on to commit more crimes after their sentences ended.

Yet the Ministry of Justice, which commissioned the study, has still not published the report – nearly three years after it was finished.

And despite the findings, ministers have continued to use the programme with thousands of inmates.

READ: Violent inmates are MORE likely to reoffend after going through ‘rehabilitation’ programmes, reveals shock study kept secret by ministers for three years

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