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Thousands of Brits march in anti-lockdown protests

Anti-lockdown protest, London, England March 2021 Credit: YouTube Capture/Ruptly

Thousands of people are taking to the streets of Britain during the March 20, 2021 weekend demanding an end to the lockdowns. Protests are taking place simultaneously at several cities across the UK.

There are now reports that similar protests have also been organized in 51 countries this weekend.

The Daily Mail reports:

Police have clashed with thousands of anti-lockdown protesters in London today amid outrage over the Met’s handling of a vigil to Sarah Everard last weekend.

Maskless demonstrators met at Hyde Park before marching through the streets of the capital, with some being hauled away by officers. Police confirmed 13 arrests have been made so far.

Conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn – who was launching his mayoral bid – and actor Laurence Fox were among activists waving signs reading: ‘Stop destroying our kids’ lives.’

Protesters continued to march towards the world-famous Oxford Street and blocked off Park Lane, despite organised demonstrations being banned under lockdown restrictions.

READ: Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters including Laurence Fox clash with police in London amid calls for Priti Patel to allow demonstrations during pandemic in wake of Sarah Everard vigil

The protestors could be heard chanting, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.

Many of them were carrying sights. One sign read: “We have a right to protest” that reflected a recent push by the government to ban all protests even after the lockdowns have ended. READ: Protests of more than two people will be ILLEGAL under updated rules for UK national lockdown

Other signs read: “Let London Live”, “Fear Westminster, Not the Virus,” “Freedom over Fear,” and “There is No Vaccine Against Fear.”

Others had signs reading “The Great Barrington Declaration,” where tens of thousands of doctors and medical researchers have signed a petition stating lockdowns are the wrong approach to fighting the virus. READ: The Great Barrington Declaration

Another sign read “Tell the Truth” as increasingly several are saying the government needs to reveal the true cost of the lockdowns that are resulting in job losses, increased suicides, and people dying because they aren’t getting treatments and missed cancer diagnoses because of the continuing lockdowns.READ: 50,000 Children’s Surgeries Postponed, Deaths on Transplant Waiting List Near-Doubled Due to Lockdown: Report AND: Canadian expert’s research finds lockdown harms are 10 times greater than benefits

One large banner read: “Stop Destroying our Kid’s Lives: Isolation Kills, Mental Health Matters, End the Lockdowns.” It was in response to growing concerns of the damage the lockdowns are having on children’s mental health.

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READMore youth are dying of suicide, overdose than COVID-19 during pandemic: CDC director

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