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Study: Greenland was warmer 80 years ago

Sermiligaaq, Greenland
Credit: 20190626_Harbor_0308/Flickr/Wikipdeia/-Creative Commons 2.0

This will be a bit disconcerting for the Global warming fanatics who have been claiming that because of rising C02 emissions, the earth is warmer than anytime in the past 1,000 years. The alarmist keep telling us that if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions, ice in the Arctic and Antarctic will melt, and our coastal cities will be flooded. Of course, the facts say otherwise.

According to a study of sediment cores in Greenland, it was warmer in the 1940s.

Notrickszone explains:

Southeast Greenland sea surface temperature was warmer than today in the 1940s, scientists find.

A team of Danish scientists led by David Wangner published a paper a year ago about the results of a Greenland sediment core from Skjoldungen Fjord, near the Thrym Glacier, which allowed sea surface temperatures to be reconstructed. […]

Today some scientists like claiming the present is warmer than at any time in the past 1000 years and suggest the Greenland ice sheets are rapidly melting. But the results of the core reconstruction show that it was warmer in the past, some 80 years ago.

READ: Southeast Greenland Sea Surface Temperature 1° – 2°C Warmer In 1940 Than Today, New Study Shows

But, don’t just take this study’s word for it, newspapers were reporting this same thing. Note, the date of the clipping on the right, February 23, 1940:

New York Times and newspaper clippings: Credit Real Climate Scientist

The clip on the right describing the temperature of the North Pole in 1940 reads:

Polar temperatures are on an average six degrees higher than those registered by Nansen 40 years ago. Ice measurements were on an average only 6 and half feet against from 9 and half feet to 13 feet.

And the newspaper clip on the left noticed there was warming in 1958 when the Arctic ice was only seven feet thick.

I am still not convinced that a warmer planet is as bad as the fanatics claim. This week we hit a low of -40 Celsius, where I live.

And that opinion was confirmed by an article in Astrobiology, a peer reviewed journal, written by Astronomers looking for planets that are ideal for life. But to do that they first had to determine what an ideal planet included. They concluded that it was five degrees warmer than the earth’s average temperature today. READ: Study Finds Ideal Climate for Life Is Five Degrees Warmer than Present

And because CO2 is essential for plant life, our planet is actually greener today because of higher CO2 emissions. If the global warming fanatics are concerned about ending global hunger, they should be pushing to ramp up our CO2 emissions, not reduce them. READ: Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

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