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Survey reveal cancel culture’s attack on ‘free speech’

According to a recent survey in Britain, half of those surveyed believe that free speech is being threatened by cancel culture as half said they found it difficult to express their opinions on controversial topics.

The Daily Mail explains:

Half of Britons fear freedom of speech is ‘under threat’ in the UK as rampant ‘cancel culture’ scares people out of speaking their minds, a poll has found.

Some 50 per cent of Britons feel it is harder to share their honest thoughts on controversial topics such as immigration or transgender rights now than it was five years ago. 

Meanwhile,  just 12 per cent of those surveyed, or one in eight, disagreed, according to the poll commissioned by Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party. 

READ: Half of Britons fear freedom of speech is under threat from the rise of ‘cancel culture’, poll by Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party reveals

The left-wing, woke mob on Twitter gangs up on anyone they believe does not fall in line with their way of thinking.

Not surprisingly cancel culture is dominating mainstream media in America as a survey of employees working at the New York Times came to the same conclusion.

The New York Post writes:

About half of New York Times employees said in a recent internal survey that they don’t believe they can speak freely at the paper.

In response to the statement, “There is a free exchange of views in this company; people are not afraid to say what they really think,” only 51% of Times employees responded in the affirmative.

READ: Half of New York Times employees feel they can’t speak freely: surve

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