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Manitoba: Private gyms closed, government gyms remain open

Many are questioning the Canadian province of Manitoba’s handling of its COVID-1984 lockdown. First they banned drive-in churches services where people drove into the church parking lot and listened to a service over short-wave FM. This made absolutely no sense, unless COVID was now able to transfer through metal and glass. The government eventually relented, but not before fining churches thousands of dollars.

Now they have gone the other way. In November, the government shut down gyms in the province as part of its COVID-1984 strategy. But not all. While private sector gyms were forced to close, gyms for government employees in the city of Winnipeg were allowed to remain open. It seems that city employees must have a superhuman immunity to COVID.

Global News explains:

Since November, gyms across Manitoba have been shut down for COVID-19 health protocols, but that hasn’t been the case for all fitness facilities.

Some City of Winnipeg employee gyms have remained open.

“Provincial health officials advised us that these facilities, used exclusively by City employees, could remain open. These facilities have guidelines in place to help maintain our employees’ health and safety,” a spokesperson for the city says.

READ: Coronavirus: Fitness industry frustrated City of Winnipeg employee gyms remain open

It kind of reminds of the COVID-1984 lockdown in Quebec, where they have set an 8 pm curfew preventing people from leaving their homes unless they are walking their dogs. Apparently, our pet canines can protect us from COVID after 8 pm. READChris Selley: No reason to trust Quebec’s new curfew will work, or end any time soon

Of course, bizarre lockdown rules are not just a Canadian phenomenon. In Australia, the government is requiring people to wear masks in their cars even if they are driving alone. It appears they are serious about cars not catching the virus. READ‘Epitome of stupid’: Brisbane residents slam Covid rules forcing motorists to wear a face mask while driving even if they’re alone in the car – as a man is arrested for refusing to cover up

Meanwhile, the people who are actually vulnerable to the virus are the elderly or those with underlying health conditions.

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