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The voice of God & the Nashville bombing

The city block in Nashville, TN where the bomb exploded on Dec. 25, 2020
Credit: Andrew Jameson/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

You have may have heard about the bomb that exploded on Christmas morning in Nashville, TN. Six police officers risked their lives notifying people in the area to get out after the RV, where the bomb was planted, had a recording warning people to get out of the area.

One of the officers believed he heard the voice of God and that his obedience may have saved his life. After helping clear the area, officer James Wells moved his vehicle, after he got out and started walking towards other police officers who were on the other side of the RV, Wells heard the voice of God.

The Daily Wire explains what happened next:

At that point, I get out, and I’m starting to go back toward Luellen and (Officer Brenda) Hosey, and as I’m getting ready to walk toward them, walking back toward the RV, this might not be politically correct, but this is my truth: I literally heard God tell me to turn around and go check on Topping, who was by herself down on Broadway.

As I turned around, for me it felt like I only took three steps, and then the music stopped, and as I’m walking back toward Topping now, I just see orange, and then I hear a loud boom. And as I’m stumbling, [because] it rocked me that hard, I start stumbling, I just tell myself, “Just stay on your feet, stay alive,” and I just take [off] in a full-out sprint and I’m running toward Topping to make sure she’s okay. We kind of meet in the middle, and we just grab each other, check each other […]

“I’m a spiritual person, and so I truly believe that when I do this job, I’m led by that voice, how I treat people, how I go about doing this job every day, that’s what guides me. And I truly believe that that’s what guided me in that sense because I was literally getting ready to walk back toward that RV, and you watch the video, you can see that moment of clarity for me when I heard God say, ‘Go and check on Topping.’”

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It appears that the man who set the bomb was the only person to die in the explosion.

But this is not the first time, that police heard a voice resulting in someone’s life being saved.

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Oddly, there were no Nashville-based left-wing extremists calling for the police to be defunded after the blast.

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