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LA County reverses ban on religious services

California’s Los Angeles County has finally decided it is not above the U.S. Constitution. Liberty Counsel is reporting that the County’s health department has removed its caps limiting how many people can attend a worship service that had previously been restricted to 50% capacity to a maximum of 100 people.

The county reversed its decision after the US Supreme Court allowed three religious groups in New York to resume services after the state imposed similar restrictions. The court ruled churches have first amendment right to freedom of worship.

Though that decision came down in November, it took nearly a month for Los Angeles County to comply. The new order, that came into effect Dec 19, 2020, requires churches to maintain social distancing during services and not to exceed their capacity.

Liberty Counsel, a legal non-profit dedicated to preserving religious freedom, was representing Harvest Rock Church, that has to satellite churches in the county.

Speaking on behalf of Liberty Counsel, Chairman Matt Staver said:

“We are grateful for the US Supreme Court’s rulings that are resulting in the unconstitutional worship bans falling like dominoes. 

“The Supreme Court has made it very clear that the courts and the states must begin applying the First Amendment to protect houses of worship. No pastor, church, or parishioner in America should have to choose between worship and prison.”

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