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Looking for a used car? Read this car reliability survey

If you are looking for a second hand vehicle, this may help. It is a ranking of second-hand car reliability, by brand, based on a survey of owners. All the vehicles are between five and 20 years old and their owners were asked to provide details on repairs in the past 12 months, including cost and how long it took to repair the vehicle.

The Daily Mail provides the data:

While cars don’t have a ‘best before’ date, there’s no doubt that some models appear to expire far earlier than others.

To understand which brands produce the longest-lasting vehicles, What Car? polled almost 13,000 UK drivers about the reliability of their motors – even those that are up to 20 years old. 

The study rates the manufactures from best to worst, with Japanese and Korean makers dominating the top performers – and Land Rover limping behind the pack.

Here are the top 10 brands ranked by reliability. I can attest that the two best second-hand vehicles I have owned are on this list — a Toyota and Honda:

  1. Lexus: 96.0%
  2. Kia: 92.7%
  3. Toyota: 92.2%
  4. Suzuki: 91.9%
  5. Honda: 91.6%
  6. Mitsubishi: 91.2%
  7. Seat: 90.7%
  8. Hyundai: 89.2%
  9. Subaru: 87.8%
  10. Volvo: 84.7%

For a more complete ranking of cars brands, READ: How reliable is your car brand? Lexus builds the most durable models, owners survey suggests – while Land Rover takes the wooden spoon

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