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The Vatican’s nightmare before Christmas

The Vatican’s 2020 Nativity Scene Credit: Edward Pentin/Twitter capture

Roman Catholics around the world are outraged by the Nativity scene set up at the Vatican this year with people describing it as hideous, cold, satanic, disgusting, disturbing, demonic, repulsive, gross, creepy, sickening, disgraceful, a scene from Alien, ugly, nightmarish, an abomination and others suggested the Vatican’s choice perfectly sums up 2020 (I don’t think that was a complement.)

LifeSiteNews, a Catholic news agency, provides the details of Pope Francis’ choice for this year:

VATICAN CITY, December 11, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The Vatican nativity scene, unveiled during an evening ceremony today in St. Peter’s Square, has been roundly ridiculed and scorned as a modernist insult to the Incarnation and the Holy Family.

“This year, more than ever, the staging of the traditional space dedicated to Christmas in St. Peter’s Square is meant to be a sign of hope and trust for the whole world,” a Vatican statement about the scene had promised earlier. […]

“So the Vatican presepe has been unveiled….turns out 2020 could get worse,” tweeted art historian Elizabeth Lev.

“It has nothing uplifting or transcendent about it. After a year of ugliness, the least they could have done was offer some beauty,” continued Lev in a subsequent Tweet. “This is shapeless, unappealing and unworthy of the joy we are trying [to] muster after this difficult year.”

READ: 2020 Vatican nativity scene meets universal ridicule and scorn

Some of the people who tweeted their response to :

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