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Survey: Suicide thoughts tripled during first lockdown

Under the “lockdown cure is worse than the virus it’s supposed to be fighting” file, a survey of psychiatrists in Britain by the Royal College of Psychiatrist revealed that the number of people reporting suicidal thoughts tripled during the first lockdown. They expressed concerns it could skyrocket during the second lockdown.

The Daily Mail reports:

Psychiatrists warned the UK is facing a ‘mental health pandemic’, claiming that NHS services are already ‘overflowing’ with hundreds of patients.

And medics expect they will have to grapple with a further ‘tsunami’ of cases in the coming months, after the second lockdown was introduced.

Rethink Mental Illness’ analysis found the number of people turning to its website for support with suicidal thoughts had tripled in the first six months of lockdown, rising to 232,271 by August, compared to 80,298 in the six months beforehand.

Loneliness, unemployment and post-traumatic stress triggered by the nationwide shutdown have led to the surge, experts said.

READ: Number of Britons seeking help for suicidal thoughts ‘has TRIPLED since the first lockdown’ as psychiatrists warn the UK faces a ‘mental health pandemic’

But it is not just people with previous depression issues that are leading to this rise. Doctors are also reporting a surge in first time patients. READ: UK lockdown causing ‘serious mental illness in first-time patients’

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard of these type of problems associated with the lockdowns.

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