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How a prophetic word changed Gemma Hunt’s life

Gemma Hunt Credit: YouTube Capture Alpha Film Series

Gemma Hunt, 36, is not well known on this side of the ocean, but in Britain she has gained a significant media presence as a children TV presenter on BBC. It was a career sparked by a prophetic word she received as a teenager.

She currently is the lead presenter on CBeebies’ Swashbuckle, a pirate theme BBC game show targeted at two to seven-year-olds and also on the BBC’s program Songs of Praise.

Since she was hired by BBC in 2002, Hunt has not been shy about her faith in Christ. She was raised in a Christian home and attended a local Baptist church, but admits she was a bit of rebel.

In an interview with Premier Christianity, Hunt said that changed while attending Hill House, a Christian summer camp, where she made a decision for Christ at the age 11.

But it was while attending a summer camp five years later, that she received a prophetic word that would set the course for her life. She was 16 and attending a Christian camp called Soul Survivor when she received a prophecy that God had called her to be “salt and light in the dark place of media.”

Because of this prophetic word, she decided to pursue a degree in media performance at the University of Lutton. She did this against the advice of a school counsellor who suggested Gemma should go for schooling that would get her a “proper job.”

But that prophetic word set her on a course that would lead to a career in TV including one of her highlights presenting live in the gardens of Buckingham Palace during the Queen’s 80th birthday celebration.

While in her third year at Lutton, an agent was able to get Hunt an interview with the BBC, where she was asked to speak in a camera for one minute. She shared about her experiences at church summer camp and two hours later she had a job.

She was also asked to be a cohost with Pastor Toby Flint on the Alpha course series that presents Jesus to unbelievers.

Of course, Gemma is not the first person to receive a prophetic word about a future in the media. Both Hollywood actors Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt have shared they received words telling them of future fame.

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