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Britain: The ‘true’ cost of the lockdowns

MPs in Britain are saying if the government wants to terrify people with COVID statics, they should also be showing the true cost of the lockdowns along with those stats.

Daily Mail explains:

A senior Tory MP has called for the full cost of lockdowns to be disclosed as he highlighted their ‘extraordinary toll’ on mental health, the NHS and the economy.

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of backbenchers, said that figures for excess deaths and lost jobs should be shown alongside Covid-19 statistics.

What are some of those other costs? Note these are just the direct costs on people directly tied to the country’s National Health Care system:

  1. The waiting lists for doctors and specialists have more than doubled from 4.2 million (pre-COVID) to 10 million.
  2. 2,000 are estimated to die because of delays in cancer treatments for lung, oesophageal and breast cancer.
  3. 40% increase in heart attacks in April.
  4. Scopes for bowel cancer have dropped to 12% of pre-COVID testing numbers.
  5. Chemotherapy hospital admissions have dropped 66%.
  6. A 15% increase in heart and stroke deaths for people under the age of 65 in March and April.
  7. Admission for common conditions have fallen by 173,000
  8. Dentist visits have fallen by 10 million.
  9. 540,000 people waiting for orthopaedic (hip and knees) and trauma treatment.

READ: ‘Give us facts about the true price of coronavirus’: Full cost of lockdowns should be disclosed amid fears of an ‘extraordinary toll’ on mental health, says senior Tory MP Sir Graham Brady

There are other costs to lockdowns:

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  1. Excellent – not enough focus on damage lockdown is causing. Carers are in despair after months with no help and then going into lockdown again. Many other issues too.


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