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TEDx Talks: The skeptic’s prayer

I have listened to Ted Talks in the past and this one by B. Tyler Ellis is one of the few that talks about Jesus.

In this Tedx Talks, Tyler shares how he answered the question of an atheist groomsman who asked: “How could anyone believe God exists?” He shares his answer and the skeptic’s prayer.

He also delves into the question of why so many people, including 21% of Christians, believe they can work their way into heaven by living a good live on earth.

In his news release on this Tedx Talk, Tyler writes:

Tyler Ellis set out to do this very thing. While his original TEDx Talk was entitled, Jesus Is Not [Just] A Role Model, it was published on YouTube as, Finding Meaning In Daily Acts of Good.

In his 15-minute talk, Tyler shares about the unexpected adventures and discoveries he experienced interviewing 50 people of different beliefs and backgrounds.

Backed by research from the Barna Group, he also shared a big discovery that suggests nearly half of the Christians in the United States just might be misunderstanding their own worldview as it pertains to Jesus.

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