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Heavy drinking by women surged during COVID, study

It is tough to decide if this is COVID related or lockdown related, but according to a recent survey alcoholic consumption has surged over the past few months during the pandemic. It noted that one of the hardest-hit groups were women, that saw a 41% increase in heavy drinking.

The Rand Corporation’s study compared alcohol consumption for Americans between April and early June in 2019 with a similar period in 2020. Though the study attributed the increase to COVID, the 2020 dates coincided with the lockdown period for most states.

Fox News reports:

According to the findings, overall alcohol consumption shot up 19% among adults ages 30 to 59; drinking also rose 17% among women and 10% among non-Hispanic white adults.

What’s more, “heavy drinking” – as defined by four or more drinks within a few hours – jumped 41% among the ladies from a year prior.

READ: Alcohol consumption has surged during coronavirus pandemic, especially ‘heavy drinking’ among women: study

Of course, this is not the first study to report on a serious uptake in drinking during the pandemic, but this study out of the UK put the blame squarely on the lockdown. READ: Problem drinking soars under UK lockdown, say addiction experts

There have been several warnings about the negative spin-offs from the lockdown with many suggesting that the lockdown cure was becoming a bigger problem than the virus.

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