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Survey: Iranians are turning to Christ in droves

Tehran, the capital city of Iran Credit: ninara/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.5

An organization called the Group for Analyzing and Measuring Attitudes in Iran (GAMAAN) based in Holland recently conducted a large survey of 50,000 Iranians with the bulk of them, 90%, still living in Iran.

The results of this survey revealed that 1.5% of Iranians believe in Jesus. With a population of 83 million this would suggest that 1.2 million Iranians are Christians. And since the conversion of Iranian Muslims to Christianity is illegal and can result in imprisonment, one could reasonably presume some Iranians may have been hesitant to reveal their faith in Christ.

According to its website, GAMAAN “studies the attitudes of Iranians towards various social and political subjects.”

Mike Ansari works with Mohabat TV, a Christian ministry that broadcasts the gospel into Middle Easter countries. He commented on the results of the survey in an interview with CBN:

“Iranians are turning their back to their faith, to their institutional faith, and receiving Christianity as their new faith,” Ansari said on CBN’s Christian World News program. “One-point-five percent becoming Christian may not seem a big number, but for a country that is closed and persecuted towards Christianity that number is a huge indication of the Gospel growth.” […]

“The majority of the movement is happening underground and it’s growing very, very fast,” Ansari said. 

There have been several reports in recent years of the rapid growth of Christianity in Iran with some suggesting it could be the fastest growing church in the world. In 2006, the Iranian government reported there were only 109,000 Christians in the country.

The survey also revealed that many Iranians are losing faith in Islam and the Islamic government:

  • 47 percent state they were no longer religious.
  • 73% disagree with use of a Hijab.
  • 79% would vote against the Islamic regime.

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The stunning results of this survey would explain why several Iranians officials have been publicly warning about the growth of Christianity in Iran. READ: Islamic clerics warn against spread of Christianity in the most Islamic city in Iran: Mohabat News AND Intelligence Minister: Christianity Is Spreading in “Parts” of Iran: Iranwire

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