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Christian woman flagging outdoors in Banff, Canada

In the midst of the lockdown, Claire Shieh, a Christian woman, took to the streets of Banff, Alberta, Canada, to worship God in dance and with flags.

God TV writes:

A woman worshiped with flags and danced in an open street in a Canadian town. The woman, Claire Shieh, hopes to bring peace to the tension of pandemic by inviting the Presence of God through her worship.

Called to Flag, is a ministry in Canada that aims to equip the Body of Christ with techniques and teachings of praise for worshiping with flags. Claire and her husband, David, founded the ministry with the heart to serve and see people restore their identity in God. And just last Sunday, they took their flags and boldly worship at the heart of downtown Banff.

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On her YouTube Channel, Claire explains what happened in Banff:

Everyone in the downtown core is required to wear a mask. I can feel the tension from the moment I checked into our hotel. The first time we walked around the downtown core I can feel the tangible love of God for all the people there.

On the next evening I decided to bring a set of swing flags and dance in the open street. There was positive reactions everwhere. We had a family burst out in joy & cheering for me. A baby crawled to … watch me.

We had a tween girl shout for me and say, “You should be on Tiktok!!! I saw people stop and watch me flag and all I want is for them to encounter the love of Father God for them.

There are so many “rules and regulations” in this time BUT we can still have joy & peace in our spirit. Spread it around! We are not the thermometer in a situation. We are the thermostat of what is happening all around us. Go and worship outdoors!

A Psalmist had this to say about flags:

We will sing for joy over your victory,
And in the name of our God we will set up our banners.
May the Lord fulfill all your petitions. (Psalm 20:5)

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