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Prof suggests drugs to make people more compliant?

An ethics professor at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo said that people should be forced to take drugs/hormones in order to make them more compliant to government demands. In his essay, Professor Parker Crutchfield asked, “Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?”

The Blaze explains:

In a lengthy essay for the Conversation, Crutchfield — an ethicist from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo — said that the government could mandate “morality pills” to force citizens to comply with federal and state government mandates and to make them more cooperative and receptive.

Such mandates currently include social distancing and mask-wearing, and “morality pills,” in effect, would chemically coerce citizens to follow the rules in order to eradicate the spread of coronavirus.

In his remarks, Crutchfield said that the government could use hormones and/or synthetic drugs to force people into following health regulations due to COVID-19 — or, as he put it, “morally enhance” people.

READ: Ethics professor suggests mandated ‘morality pills’ instead of vaccine in COVID-19 fight. Doctor hits back with frightening reason why this should never be.

It’s supposedly called a higher education.

Oh, and here is another fine example of a Texas A & M university professor in action. READ: Texas A&M prof says it was ‘good news’ Rep. Louie Gohmert got COVID, hopes ‘fat klansman’ Trump gets it, too

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