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Jesus and Seattle police officer issue warning

In an interview with Fox News about CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Free Zone, a seven block area (it has grown by one block) taken over by left-wing extremists in Seattle, Seattle police officer Michael Solan had this to say:

“This is very concerning. And I think it should have everyone across the country deeply concerned, because this could metastasize across the country. It’s quite clear that city of Seattle elected officials are lacking the political will to enforce the rule of law. And this is the closest I’ve seen since being a 20-year professional of a public safety service of our country becoming a lawless state.”


And when you have six, now seven blocks of a city of Seattle owned geography now being occupied by some say are still armed people, especially at night. Where do we go from here? And what happens to the reasonable community in Seattle, particularly the business owners that surround that area or the residents. And we are already seeing reports come out of those residents saying they’re not even allowed to have a vote or say, and they’re feeling threatened.

In the interview, Solan says that this is spreading to other areas of the country because of a failure of leadership.

And Jesus issued a similar warning about what would start taking place as we approached the end-times:

12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12)

So, guard your heart as we enter these lawless times.

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