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Churches face fines, but protests are fine in Madison, WI

According to an article on The Blaze, the Interim Police Chief Vic Wahl of Madison, Wisconsin sent out a tweet stating the police would not be arresting protestors who were breaking the city’s lockdown ordinance that requires social distancing and disallowed public gatherings exceeding 50 people in size.

However, the churches weren’t so lucky.

According to several church leaders in Madison, they received letters from health officials telling them they would be fined $1,000 if they allowed over 50 people in their services and/or did not practice social distancing.

Then taking a page out of a Communist handbook, the letter allegedly insinuated that government agents might infiltrate services, to ensure churches comply.

While the vast majority of the estimated 1,000 people demonstrated peacefully in Madison during the first night of protests, approximately 150 radicals broke from the main group and started rioting. They pelted police with rocks, set fires and looted or damaged 75 stores.

READ: Wisconsin city refuses to arrest rioters, but hands out hefty fines to churches with more than 50 worshipers

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