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Anoint that virus away?

We are told in the Bible, “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6).

Yes, but faith in what?

We can easily put our faith in a church, or a dynamic leader. Most dangerous cults divert us in that way.

In England, a Christian pastor told people to trust God for safety from the Coronavirus, and I think Christians everywhere agree with that. That pastor is under investigation because he took his faith advice further.

He said “it is by faith you can be saved from the virus” and then it is alleged he offered anointing oil and red yarn as “a divine plague protection kit.” His price was ninety-one pounds, more than a hundred dollars, and he promised positive results.

Faith can be a dangerous slippery slope if we lose sight of our father in Heaven.

READ: Coronavirus: London church investigated over ‘protection’ oil


    • smcintos says

      Thanks for the comment. I think that pastor started well, but we can drift and miss the point.


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