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Either end the lock downs or ban all cars in Canada?

In a National Post opinion piece, four Canadian epidemiologists called for an end to the lock downs in Canada, while subtly hinting that they may have been a complete waste of time.

Undoubtedly, they are playing it safe because many on social media are going ballistic at thoughts of ending the lock downs too soon.

So, why are these doctors calling for an end to the lock downs?

Here are four reasons:

  1. The death rate from the Coronavirus for those under the age of 65 is .0006% or the same chance of a person in that age group dying in a car accident.
  2. 80% of the coronavirus deaths in Canada are in nursing homes.
  3. 95% of the people who died are over 60.
  4. No one under the age of 20 has died from the virus in Canada.

Basically, why are we quarantining the whole country, when we should be concentrating those resources to protect the ones most vulnerable, the elderly, those in nursing home and those with underlying health issues?

Secondly, if you are under 65-years-of-age, you have the same chance of dying from a car accident as you do dying from the coronavirus. If Canadian governments refuse to end the lock downs, then they need to also ban cars.

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