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Sneaking the Gospel into North Korea

The communist regime of North Korea is completely closed to the Gospel. Their president Kim Jong-un, who has been missing in recent months, has taken on a god-like persona in that country. According to North Korean media he drove his first car at age three and was winning yacht races by the age of nine. READ: Kim Jong-un was child prodigy who could drive at age of three, claims North Korean school curriculum

So Christians have resorted to several unique ways of sneaking the Gospel into the Hermit Kingdom and in an interview with Faithwire, Todd Nettleton, who works for Voice of the Martyrs, explains what they do:

  1. They use helium-filled balloons to carry Bibles into North Korea. These even have GPS trackers, so they know if the balloon landed near where people are living.
  2. During radio broadcasts into the country, they will read the North Korean Bible very slowly so people can write down the passages.
  3. They also have North Korean defectors who have become believers and work with them to present the Gospel in phone calls back home.

READ: Creative Ways Christians Are Getting the Gospel Into North Korea as Mystery Surrounding Kim Jong-Un Looms

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