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Does it matter how we live?

In the Coronavirus pandemic, people are doing things they wouldn’t normally do. Now the streets are quiet, and the police are probably busy with important duties. Imagine if you, or someone close to you was being rushed to a hospital with complications from a virus infection. Then imagine the ambulance in a collision with a street racing car, on a quiet street.

That could easily happen: “speeding can be deadly for drivers and passengers, and could cause a ripple effect that could negatively impact hospitals that are trying to treat coronavirus patients.” With more freedom from restrictions, some ‘good’ people are creating danger on our streets.

The way we drive shows clearly that we need to be corrected by God. It does matter how we live, and we should do the right thing without supervision.

READ: ‘A lot of people are driving crazy’: Expert says less traffic means more speeding on local roads

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