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Start walking

One of the problems with vision is that we want instant success. We want it to happen now, but in order for you to produce fruit, there first needs to be pruning.  Pruning can be a long process for some of us, as in 40 years of pruning from when my husband started to write and pursue his passion for Bible teaching and world events. 

It wasn’t until my retirement that I began to pursue my dream and desire for women to connect and whenever I gave up and let go of the dream, it always came back stronger than ever. 

Maybe God has given you a dream or vision that He has called you to do. Below are a few tips from a sermon delivered by Matt Adams a couple of years ago, that helped me in my journey:

  • “It doesn’t matter how many we lead. It matters where we lead them and how you lead them.”
  • “Learn to lead from your placement, where you are now, without wanting to be a star.”
  • “We always want to go fast, so when God gives us a vision, we want it to happen now.”
  • “Maybe God is withholding some things from you. Too much success too early is not good.”
  • “Leadership bravery is the diligence to stay on course. It’s the bravery to stay on course through the seasons of life.”
  • “We have the choice whether we will stick to the promises God made to us, or give up.”
  • “Being faithful is being full of faith.”
  • “Potential doesn’t just happen. Potential nudges you. Hold onto potential and speak it into existence.”
  • “Diligent people don’t let their emotions win. They play the long game. They make short-term sacrifices for the long-term.”
  • “God isn’t measuring what you have. He is measuring what you are going to do with that talent.”
  • “We tend to delegate the work to the experts in the church. We professionalize the Church and think more of the Church than Christ.”
  • “The organizational Church has disempowered the people. There is no organizational Church in Revelation. We need to start thinking of the Church beyond the physical building.”
  • “Don’t worry about failure. Remember, no one can steer a parked car. The spirit cannot steer your ministry if it’s “parked,” so launch out and start reaching believers and unbelievers alike.”

  • “We must be able to embrace the messiness of failure in order to succeed.”

  • “Those who bear fruit God prunes.”


  1. Syl says

    I enjoyed reading these words of wisdom from Matt Adams – it is not a race but a journey. Thank you Barb for your work with women and for sharing.

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