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‘Why I left Greenpeace’: Patrick Moore’s story

In 1971, Dr. Patrick Moore helped found an environmental movement in Vancouver, Canada that would eventually become an international organization called Greenpeace.

At the time, Moore was the only man on Greenpeace’s board that had a PhD in ecology and would eventually become its president.

He finally left the organization after it turned into a highly political organization and began to look upon people as the enemy of the earth and began to oppose things that would benefit humanity. This included banning chlorine and “Golden rice” that has the potential to save the lives of millions of impoverished children.

Since he left Greenpeace, Patrick Moore has become known as the “sensible environmentalist.”

The following are some excerpts from videos listed below:

On Greenpeace:

“The [Greenpeace] mission once noble had become corrupted. Political agendas and fear mongering trumped science and truth.”

“Humans, to use Greenpeace language, had become the enemies of the earth.”

“Science and logic no longer held sway. Sensationalism, misinformation and fear were what we used to perform our campaigns.”

“[Greenpeace was] high-jacked by political and socialist activists at the time, who began adopting extremist positions on a number of issues.”

“The movement was captured by the left.”

“It is more about globalization and anti-capitalism than it is about science and ecology.”

On Global Warming:

“Global Warming has been happening since about 1800 when the little Ice Age came to an end and the Thames River in England stopped freezing over on a regular basis. This is obviously a natural phenomenon.”

“I personally believe that a little bit of warming would be good for the planet, by in large. It might not help sky hill operators. There is always winners and losers. But I believe there will be more winners if it warms and certainly we should be very concerned if it cools, because in a warmer world we can produce more food and in a cooler world we would only be able to produce less food and that would be a real problem….”

“We do not have any scientific proof that we are the cause of global warming that has occurred over the last two hundred years…”

“Alarmism is driving us through scare tactics to adopt energy policies that are going to create a huge amount of energy poverty among the poor people in our society. It is not good for people and it is not good for the climate.”

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