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The importance of good teachers

The Bible tells us there is a gift of teaching, among Christians. I think I have it, and I am sure our churches are deficient if they don’t have good teaching.

Animated and inspiring worship services in large auditoriums are good for us all, but they are only part of the picture. We are all made to learn, and we should learn about our new life, and good learning happens when someone teaches.

Here is an example of a Christian who teaches. He knows his audience, and he speaks to them first “Hey guys.”

The topic is controversial for some people, and he needs courage to teach this lesson honestly. He is prepared: in the long term he knows how to speak into a camera and a microphone, and in the short term his topic is prepared, and his lesson is organized. And he stops talking when he is done; he knows how to land the plane.

There are at least two good lessons here; the important topic, and the gift of teaching in action.

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