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Apocalyptic warning shots in 2020, is anyone listening?

Locust swarm in Australia Credit: CSIRO/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

In ancient mariner tradition, warning shots were sent over the bow telling them to come to heel because the next shot would not purposefully miss.

The Biblical apocalyptic tradition had the same idea, but used a different metaphor, birth pangs that warned of the coming main event when God would judge the earth.

And from the words of Jesus and the Bible’s apocalyptic literature, we are seeing multiple birth pangs making an appearance n the early part of 2020, marking an ominous beginning for this next decade.

11 and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. — Jesus

Luke 21:11 NASV


Jesus warned of famines in the end times. There are many things that can cause a famine, but one of them is a plague of locusts. The UN is warning that a plague of locusts swarming in East Africa will cause massive devastation and famine.

The UN is describing this plague as the ‘most devastating’ in recent memory. The plague of Desert locusts, number in the billions, is now destroying crops in Kenya having crossed the border from Egypt and Somalia.

According to an article on Fox News, a medium-sized swarm made up of a 150 million locust/sq KM can eat as much food as the full population of Kenya.

This plague of locusts that the UN describes as “waves and waves of swarms” is already starting to move into Uganda and Sudan potentially devastating the crops of upwards of 13 million people.

These locust swarms are also reminiscent of the plagues that God poured upon Egypt during Israel’s exodus out of slavery.


Jesus also warned of diseases striking in the end times, and we are watching as the earth is being rocked by the coronavirus. It is amazing with all our modern medical technology how helpless we are in the face of this virus spreading out from China. Medical researchers are reporting that a vaccine may not be available until the end of 2020.

We have watched as a cruise ship with dozens of reported cases of the virus that is unable to find a port willing to accept it.

Many believe that China has been deliberately underreporting how widespread and dangerous this plague is and on February 13, 2020, the Chinese government dramatically reported 15,000 new cases overnight after it had led people to believe this contagion had levelled off.

There are now 60,000 reported cases worldwide with an estimated 1,300 deaths. As the virus spreads out, numbers are growing around the world. Japan is reporting 44 new cases and US 15.

But what concerns many is what is happening in North Korea that borders China. The country states that there has not been a single case of the coronavirus, which most believe is an absolute lie.

An expert cited by the New York Post warns that the coronavirus could infect upwards of 60% of the world’s population. Though undoubtedly, this is the worst case scenario, there is reason for concern says Professor Gabriel Leung, chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University.

To reach the 60% infection level, experts believe each person with the coronavirus only has to infect another 2.5 people.

One of the biggest concerns is that people infected with the coronavirus can spread the disease to others for days before they show symptoms. In England, a man who had attended a conference in Singapore infected 11 people with coronavirus before he was diagnosed with the disease.

Earthquakes and blood water

Though Jesus mentions earthquakes as one of the birth pangs, the Lord did not mention rivers turning to blood. But in John’s revelation of the end-times, he saw an angel of God striking the waters and turning them blood-red (Revelation 16:3-4).

On January 25, 2020, a massive earthquake, 6.8 magnitude, hit Turkey killing 41 people and injuring over 1,600. One of the unique spin-offs of this earthquake was a river turning blood-red.

They are uncertain what caused it to turn red but images and videos are showing up on the internet of the red water.

Though many are trying to find a natural explanation for the phenomena such as the earthquake exposing water to red dirt, the Bible is clear that God will ultimately be the reason when it happens.


Though Jesus did not describe volcanoes, in his vision of the end times, the prophet Joel did.

He described columns of smoke (Joel 2:30-31). This is the classic sign of volcanic activity and Joel adds that the sun would be darkened and the moon would turn blood red.

Massive volcanic eruptions can have a devastating effect on climate and crops because ash can darken the skies for months.

And on February 8, 2020, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported that there is a super volcano under the state of Utah. Located under the town of Enterprise, the volcano is said to be 30 times larger than the one brewing under Yellowstone Park.

The Wah Wah hot springs are a manifestation of the activity brewing beneath the surface. Though, the USGS does not believe an explosion is imminent, I had recently reported on how volcanoes are awaking around the world.


Jesus warned of great signs and terrors in the heaven. The Apostle John in his Revelation of the end times, warned of a star the size of a mountain slamming into an earth’s ocean (Revelation 8:8-9) with devastating consequences. And it is clear from this passage, God will cause it to happen.

Fox News is reporting that an asteroid zoomed by earth overnight on February 4-5, 2020. It was so large, the asteroid even had its own moon. Referred to as Asteroid 2020 BX12, it was first seen by Arecibo Observatory. The asteroid is described as being 1,500 feet (0.46 km) in diameter. I will let you decide if that qualifies as mountain-sized.

Even the smaller asteroid orbiting Asteroid 2020 BX12 is formidable running at around 230 feet (ca. 70 m) in diameter.

Acrecibo labelled Asteroid 2020 BX 12 as a “potentially hazardous” asteroid.

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