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The Devil is a Big Fat Carb!

Credit: Pulpolux !!!/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Pulpolux !!!/Flickr/Creative Commons

We all know that the devil is a liar but how on earth is he a big fat carb?

Let me explain.

There are two things that haunt my everyday life these days and both have to do with my mouth. Political correctness is like a diet of what comes out of my mouth and my arch nemesis, the Keto diet, limits what goes into my mouth. Either way my mouth is not happy even if both might be better for my health.

If you are a keto person then you know that protein and fat are good and carbs are bad. The devil is bad so therefore the devil is a carb. Normally the wisdom needed to put this together would be only available when I am sneaking into the kitchen at two in the morning looking for a non-keto snack. The fact that I had this revelation in mid morning while talking with a friend means it must be true.

My friend, who, for the sake of anonymity, is called Mike, showed me the keto phone app. This traced his protein, fats, carbs and a bunch of other stuff too personal to mention here. Apparently carbs can throw you right out of something called ketosis which is like someone throwing you off-balance while you’re riding your bike.

Then I thought that being so careful that carbs don’t sabotage your life is a lot like our attitude with the devil. Mike wanted balance and a good healthy life. Carbs were the enemy of this. So he limited his exposure to them.

Christians want a Christ like life. The devil is the enemy of this. So we need to limit our exposure to him. There is difference between keto life and God life though and one of them is that in keto you need some carbs; in the God life you don’t need any devil.

Yet we all sin. That’s what the Bible says. Even the love of your life sins. Hard to believe I know. We just sin.

When I started keto it was very hard. I wanted bread and buns and sugar. The kind of things I was used to eating. I went through withdrawal and eventually found a way of enjoying food that was better for my body. When I became a Christian I still wanted sin. I wanted sin and God at the same time. You know, kind of like eating donuts on Sunday and chicken the rest of the week. Neither way gets you to where you want to be. You have to decide.

So I focused on the carbs and that drove me crazy! It was too much looking at what I couldn’t have and not enough what I could have. I took my eyes off the goal and struggled. It wasn’t until I changed my focus from the spiritual carbs in my life towards the spiritual goals of my life that I began to grow as a Christian.

It is not the carbs that cause us to fall out of balance. It is our choice to eat them. No matter how good-looking that donut is, it is only when I put it into my mouth that it causes damage.

The devil is the same way except he is like carbs on steroids. He is evil and bad no matter what. But still it is only when we choose whatever sin is bothering us that it causes damage.

One of the best things to do in keto is to control carbs. One of the best things in Christian living is to control sinning. For me, it helps to see the devil as a big fat carb! Eat the protein of Christ and let the fat of the Holy Spirit give you the balance and strength you need to have victory over the carbs in your life!

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