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Did a Word of Knowledge turn Hollywood actress Andrea Logan White’s life around?

Andrea Logan White Credit:

Andrea Logan White Credit:

In an article on PureFlix, Hollywood actress Andrea Logan White, 40, recently shared the unique encounter she had with with God during a very difficult time.

White has starred in several movies including Mom’s Day Out, Marriage Retreat and Do You Believe. She and her husband Dave are co-owners of PureFlix, a Christian equivalent of Netflix.

Born in Chicago, she had moved to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, but was struggling. She was 22 and acting jobs were difficult to find.

Andrea was also behind in her rent and had thrown herself into the Hollywood partying scene. She was coming to the end of herself and tells the story of the time she was in her car on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard, when she cried out to God:

“God if you’re real I need You to show me who you are, because I don’t know why I’m here and I don’t want to live anymore.”

She had just prayed this, when a man in the convertible beside her hit his horn and pointed at his car radio and the Christian radio station he was listening too. When he pulled away, Andrea saw a “Jesus love me” sticker on his car.

Andrea decided to switch her radio to a Christian station and as soon as she did, a preacher expressed exactly the same words that Andrea had just prayed. The coincidence so impacted her, that Andrea decided to attend church and began the process of turning her life to God.

Andrea added:

“God knew He had to give me a blatant miraculous sign to say ‘Your time on this earth is not done yet.'”

I believe this was a word of knowledge that God orchestrated for Andrea. God wants to speak to His people, but He does it in a way to show us that He knows we exist.

Similar to prophecy, a Word of Knowledge, mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:8, is a revelatory gift where Jesus provides knowledge about a situation in a person’s life. While prophecy provides insight on the future, the Word of Knowledge provides revelation on the present that the person giving it would not be aware of. We see this gift in action when the prophet Elijah knew that his servant Gehazi had lied to the Naaman (2 Kings 5:20-27).

God heard what Andrea had just prayed and proved this through a series of circumstances leading the pastor to repeat those same words on radio. In this instance the Pastor would not have even known he was providing a Word of Knowledge.

I want to share a similar story that happened to me during a Sunday service several weeks back further illustrating this gift. During the service, the pastor of the church we attend shared a written message that one of the intercessors received while she was praying before the church service.

She felt the prophetic word was intended for someone in the church. The pastor read it out loud, adding that it could be for several people.

But leading up to the prophecy, there were two elements that I believe were Words of Knowledge that God used to catch my attention about this particular prophetic word.

The first stated that the person to whom the word was directed has a sense of purpose, which I have and feel is important for every believer.

But this combined with the the second is what sold it for me. She said, “you are not walking on a perfectly paved road, you are walking on rocks.”

Why did it catch my attention?

Because I had spend the few weeks prior to this Sunday covering our front law with stone. These weren’t small stones, but the larger river rocks. And as I did this, I was continuously walking on those rocks and finding it very difficult to navigate.

I verbally complained to myself out loud several times how difficult walking on these rocks were, which was compounded by the fact that I have had surgery on one of my knees and they are not in perfect condition.

Apparently God heard those complaints.

Because of these two Words of Knowledge that revealed God knew what I was going through, this prophetic word immediately had my attention.

The rest of the word was encouraging and dealt with struggles my wife and I were encountering at the time. So when receiving a prophetic word, look for the word of knowledge, to confirm the prophetic.


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