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A song in the day and a song in the night

Scaly Breasted Wren from Ecuador Credit: Nick Athanas/Flickr/Creative Commons

The song of the Scaly Breasted Wren from Ecuador is described as flute-like Credit: Nick Athanas/Flickr/Creative Commons

For the past couple weeks a robin has been singing in our backyard. Its clear melodic sound has drawn me outside onto my deck to be entertained again and again. I typically make a cup of coffee so I can sit down and appreciate the solo performance that seems to be for my ears only.

The other day, as I sat down on my chair with coffee in hand, there was silence. I thought I had missed my morning performance. Then I heard rustling in the branches hanging over our deck. He was sitting right above me and sang his beautiful song over me once again.

The sound and intensity of the song was so wholehearted, clear and clean. He was singing his heart out to me.

This song from Zephaniah resonated through me:

“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in his love, He will joy over thee with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

God sings over us. He is thrilled with His creation and affirms His love. We in turn respond with mutual adoration, worship and praise.

Then a few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep so I came down stairs and laid on the couch. What sound did I hear at 3AM in the morning? It was my songbird singing his beautiful song to comfort and draw me back to sleep. Once again my spirit was calmed by the sweet melodic notes that seemed intended for my ears alone.

I was amazed at the timing and that he was there in the restlessness of my night to sing to me. It reminded me of the Psalmist who wrote:

“and in the night his song shall be with me.” (Palm 42:8)

The sweet sound of my robin singing during the day and throughout the night has captivated my heart and grounded me in the truth of God’s ever present and unwavering love.

The Robin’s song also reminded me of my mother when I was growing up. Often she would whistle while she worked around the house even if it was cleaning out the hall closet. It was the same clear, melodic tone that reflected her heart’s contentment in the everyday routine around the house.

She reflected her love for life and family in that whistle.

I am envious of the women of my mother’s generation. They did not seem to experience the same anxiety, or worry that many of us do today.

They were grounded even in the sometimes repetitive routine of their day — the laundry, meals and cleaning the house. It seemed that my mother took pleasure in it all. Her whistle (song) reflected that.

Why is it so different for me?

I have a feeling of discontentment because I have to make meals, clean my house and do such menial tasks for our household. It seems that I come against the feelings that “it’s not good enough” time and again.

Instead of contentment and peace there is grumbling and complaining. Why is this plight of the women of our generation?

Well, we can thank the feminist movement that invaded our lives and swept us out of our homes and away from our families and everything women hold dear to their hearts.

But today even that is not enough. We hear repeated complaints that the pay grade for women is unfair compared to what men get paid particularly in corporate settings.

According to popular University of Toronto Psychologist Jordan Pederson, there is a reason for this. He says one of the reasons for the difference is that unlike men, many women are not interested in jobs that consume every hour of their day. Most women are just not wired that way. They want time and energy for their family and relationships.

There is nothing wrong with women wanting careers, but when they belittle others who are not interested in that type of driven lifestyle there is a problem.

As women, I feel our song has been stolen from us. We have lost our joy and sense of fulfillment and even completion because vocal feminists have convinced us taking care of our children, husbands and appreciating our homes is menial work. We must be accomplishing something and proving our worth in the work world.

I envy my mother and the women of her generation who mirrored joy and contentment in raising a family. I understand that there are many dynamics that play into this, but as women we must get our song back.

I believe there is a unique song that God our Father sings over each one of us. It is a song that brings indescribable comfort and deep joy. For me, it is a picture of my Heavenly Father singing over me because I am his daughter and cherished by Him.

And as my heart responds to this melodic song with mutual love, adoration and praise, I can sing songs of praise and joy.

Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth; Break forth and sing for joy and sing praises. (Psalm 98:4)



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