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Even the doctor called it a miracle

Juan Spence Credit: CBN

Juan Spence Credit: CBN

In an incredible testimony reported by CBN, teenager Juan Spence was tagging along in a car ride with a friend on May 22, 2017. His parents pastor a church in Williamsburg, VA.

The road was wet, the friend was speeding and Juan did not have his seat belt on.

The car spun out of control, hitting a post causing it to tumble. When Juan was thrown out of the vehicle through the sun roof, the car landed on his head.

Suffering traumatic brain injury, he was rushed to the nearby MCV Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. When he arrived, the doctors were forced to cut away a part of Juan’s brain to release the pressure.

When officials contacted Juan’s mother, Elizabeth, about the accident, she immediately began praying for her son. Not knowing the full extend of the injury, the Holy Spirit told her, “He shall live and not die.”

Juan’s father Alex had also received a similar word from God that his son would survive.

When his parents arrived at the hospital, the doctors said Juan only had a 5% chance of living and if he did pull through he would be a vegetable due to the extensive brain damage.

Despite the seriousness of his condition, both parents were praying and making declarations of faith.

Within a fewf days Juan came out of his coma and began to move his fingers and toes. Today, he is walking and talking and on the road to recovery.

It hasn’t been without its trials. Though Juan has returned to school, he has had three brain surgeries and is unable to fully move his left arm and is partially paralyzed on the left side of his face.

As he lay in a coma in the hospital, Juan recounts seeing a demon coming towards him, but a Godly angel in armor showed up and fought the demon and it vanished.

His miraculous survival has impacted Juan, who was a typical teen living for the moment. Now Juan understands that God has a plan for him.

According to the family even the doctors are treating Juan’s recovery as a miracle. The doctor told the family, “’I’ve never seen anything like this in all the years I’ve been performing surgery on head trauma victims’ — he said ‘your son is one of a kind’. He said ‘one in a million.’”

But hidden in this story is a hint of a spiritual gift. In the Apostle Paul’s listing of spiritual gifts recorded in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, he describes one of the gifts as a “word of knowledge.”

It is like prophecy in that the Holy Spirit transmits information to the receiver that he or she would not otherwise know. But it differs in one respect, while the prophetic provides information on future events, the word of knowledge provides revelation on a current situation.

I suspect Juan’s mother received a word of knowledge that her son would not die from this accident enabling her to pray in faith.

The word of knowledge is a gift Jesus used several of times with similar results.

In John 1:44-50, we find the story involving Nathanael. When Philip initially told Nathanael about Jesus being the Messiah, Nathanael was skeptical. The full extent of his skepticism was on display, when Philip told Nathaniel that Jesus was from Nazareth, and he sarcastically  quipped  “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?“.

But Nathanael agreed to meet Jesus who dealt with Nathanael’s skepticism through a word of knowledge by saying He saw Philip talking to Nathaniel under a fig tree.

This revelation helped Nathanael to believe.

Later when Jesus was talking to the Samaritan woman at the well, the Lord received a revelation that she had five husbands and the one she was living with was not her husband, suggesting they were probably living together (John 4:7-34).

The woman was so stunned by Jesus’s revelation that she returned to the village telling her friends what had happened.

As the people poured out of the village to see Christ, the Lord said to His disciples look the fields are white with harvest. Though many pastors use this verse to tell people that we need to preach the Gospel because the fields are white with harvest, they miss the important point of this story.

Jesus made the fields white with harvest through a word of knowledge. They were not white until then.

As the world becomes more skeptical about faith and God, I believe the Lord will use spiritual gifts such as word of knowledge to reveal Himself. We just need to be willing to take the risk and proclaim them.


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