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Fear of the Words

Credit: Chuan Chew/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Chuan Chew/Flickr/Creative Commons

[by Keith Hazell] What are the most fearful words that most people hear? It could be “you have been laid off” or “ I  am leaving you” or perhaps “We are bankrupt”.

All of the above are words which strike their own fear into the hearts of the hearers. However one of the most fearful words we hear is “ I am sorry but you have cancer.”

These words carry with them fear and unbelief. We cannot believe that we have been “chosen,” singled out for such a horrible thing.

To many of us who hear this, it is like we have heard a death sentence and that we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable events that will culminate in our passing.

More than 21 years ago I received such information from a urologist. My initial reaction was like most of us… “ I guess my days are numbered”.  In my early 50’s I had not reckoned on a truncated life. However, the devil reminded me that both my siblings died early as a result of cancer and that my mother and possibly my father also succumbed to things that were cancer related.

I guess my initial reaction was to simply rebuke the devil and expect the cancer to go away . . .but it did not! I was sure in my own heart that this was an attack that came from my involvement in a massive spiritual battle in the church I was leading at the time. I knew, and still know, that when Christians start praying against other Christians there are always strange repercussions.

I knew that there were those who were so opinionated that they wished me evil, and even threatened me in telephone messages. At the time my daughter Nicola was still quite young and the devil began to speak to me that I would never see her grow up!

How insistent his voice was.

I was afraid in the beginning to share with even my family the diagnosis of my specialist, somehow I felt fearful that they would think less of my spirituality because this had befallen me. Even more, that my friends and ministry colleagues would regard me as somehow un-spiritual, because my defenses had been pierced by the enemy.

So I continued through regular check ups with recurrences being found and dealt with in the doctors office during the process of my checks. This would be interspersed with clear times and then there would be a need for BCG and Interferon treatments to counter the recurrences.

As the years progressed I began to enlist the prayers of my closest friends seeking to extend my life for the purpose of the Kingdom of God as well as my own family. This gathering power of prayer has carried me through several operations and continues to sustain me in the purpose of God.

After some time passed, my specialist said he might have to recommend the removal of my bladder. There was tremendous prayer that went up for me around the world and a year later, after a couple of operations, the same specialist declared me to be cancer free. Praise the Lord!

I am as the bible says “A sign and a wonder” and I acknowledge the goodness of God, the power of the prayers of the saints, and the ongoing skill of the medical profession.

I write this to encourage you who may find yourself in the same predicament. The bible says “ do not fear what they fear.”  Fear is the greatest enemy you must face. “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

If you have heard those fearful words don’t let them ruin your future hope and your faith in the ability of God on your behalf.

Once your friends and family find out, better if you tell them yourself, you will find yourself surrounded with a blanket of prayer, love and intercession. It is not a shameful confession to speak the truth and say “I have cancer.”

At the same time you will be inundated with many cures that others want you to try. I realize how sincere most of them are and don’t want you to ignore any hope that you may find. However, do not allow yourself to be duped by “mystics” and charlatans who are using your sickness for their own advantage. Cures that worked for a minority of cancer sufferers do not work for all.

Here in Canada I have been greatly helped by the doctors and the Cancer Clinic in my more than 21 year fight. They have been helped in their efforts by the incredible power of prayer that has come from saints around the earth on my behalf… and I am so grateful!! I believe God gave me an attitude of confidence and faith which has added its own dimension to my battle. “There is no fear in love , perfect love casts way fear.”

More than twenty years after hearing the dreaded words, I testify today that they did not end my hope or expectancy of life.

In these years I have watched my daughter grow and get married, and even was able six years ago to dedicate her son. In these last years I have become a great grandfather twice and soon three times. My eight grandchildren are a joy to my life along with my own children.

During the last 21 years I have enjoyed the most exciting and fruitful years of my ministry. In the last six I have seen massive response to the gift that God put in me in churches around the world. I have visited nations and planted words that have bought forth new churches.

If I had allowed myself to be taken by the fear of the words spoken more than twenty one years ago I would have missed the best years of my life.
The bible says “the thing that you fear most is come upon you” and this is many times a factor in our recovery or demise.

These words are to encourage those who are tempted to give up because of the fearful words.

What of my future? Will it last” I am believing it will!!

But let me leave you with the words of the hymn sung at Nova and my wedding: “ I cannot tell His future plans, but this I know, I have the smiling of His face and all the refuge of His grace whilst here below.”

I am indeed what I am by the grace and mercy of God who has kept me thus far!


Copyright Keith Hazell — Used by permission

Keith, now deceased, traveled internationally as a prophet and teaching ministry. For more than 35 years he has traveled among the nations demonstrating the Prophetic and teaching and raising up new generation prophets. He was one of the most accurate prophets that I have personally known.

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