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Conservative organization suing Google and YouTube for censorship

Dennis Prager speaking a CPAC 2016. Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Dennis Prager speaking a CPAC 2016. Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Popular Conservative columnist and radio-host Dennis Prager recently announced his nonprofit organization, Prager University (PragerU), is taking YouTube and its owners Google to court alleging that it has imposed a “political gag mechanism” on some of PragerU’s information and news videos.

PragerU, that is being represented in part by Liberty Counsel, alleges YouTube is using a number of mechanism to restrict PragerU’s videos from being viewed. This includes a filtering mode intended to restrict access to certain videos that YouTube believes could potentially harm and offend younger and sensitive viewers.

It has also demonetized some videos not allowing his PragerU to earn ad revenues. The organization first noticed the problem in July 2016.

The lawsuit alleges that the restricted mode has been put on videos talking about such themes as North Korea, Israel and Supreme Court decisions.  In some instances, YouTube has restricted access to PragerU videos because they use such words as “genocide,” “hate” and “terrorism.”

Liberty Counsel said in its news release:

“While PragerU videos have been censored, the same subject matters posted by liberal groups have not been censored.”

According to Liberty Counsel, YouTube has admitted that PragerU’s videos were censored by its staff and not always by software.

PragerU alleges that YouTube’s filtering is not intended to restrict access to offensive material but rather serves as a political gag on conservative voices such a PragerU that supports Judaeo-Christian values.

While businesses are not bound by free speech provisions in the constitution, the state of California, where YouTube is headquartered, has ruled that private corporations are bound by free speech.

Speaking on behalf of Liberty Counsel, its founder Mat Staver said:

“In California, it’s one of the few states in the country that applied free speech principles to private shopping malls. That idea was these are the new, modern public forums like the streets, sidewalks and parks. And what is the modern public forum now more than a shopping mall? It’s YouTube.”

Meanwhile Breitbart recently wrote an article on documents released to the Conservative news organization by employees of Google talking about its bias against conservative voices.

This included screen grabs surrounding discussion about a poll conducted at Google  asking if the culture is improving at the dominating IT corporation. The majority, 74%, said no.

One Google employee wrote:

“The political correctness is out of this world. There’s a huge and loud contingent of butthurt pearl-clutchers who call everything offensive and who can’t tolerate any humor. The company openly discriminates against white men. It arbitrarily censors the political opponents of the founders. It fires people for speaking scientific truths. The company even throws its money around to silence critics. Is Google really a good place?

“Right now it’s a mixture of Vogons, the inquisition and the old lady who peeks through the blinds all day.”

Even Liberal workers at Google acknowledge there is a problem with one posting:

“I’m quite liberal myself. I voted for Jill Stein and support equal rights for all. But the situation at Google is completely out of control. Inclusion is used as an excuse to silence or punish others and it clearly isn’t making the company a better place to work. Instead it divides us into factions and pits us against each other.”


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