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Arctic ice cap roaring back

Dog sledding on Greenland, where the ice and snow is returning. Credit: Baron Reznik/Flickr/Creative Commons

Dog sledding on Greenland, where the ice and snow is returning. Credit: Baron Reznik/Flickr/Creative Commons

According to an article in the Daily Caller, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) is reporting Greenland’s ice sheet is returning with a vengeance. The agency added that since January 1, 2017, Greenland’s ice sheet gained 8 gigatons of snow and ice.

It noted the ice has been increasing since October.

This increase is far above the normal rates seen this time of year, and DMI stated it is one of the highest growth rates in recent years. DMI has been monitoring the size of Greenland’s ice sheets for 24 years.

Over the summer, those promoting man-made Global warming  trumpeted the arctic’s shrinking ice cap as evidence of man-made global warming. Of course, it always melts during the summer, but the melt this past year was aided by a strong El Nino effect that warmed the 2015-2016 winter.

Once every three to five years, an El Nino occurs that results in warm waters — that should be pooling around Indonesia and the Philippines — moving eastward and settling along the coast of South America.

Depending on the strength of the El Nino, this can have a profound moderating effect on winters, that we definitely experienced in Canada last year.

But El Ninos have been occurring regularly for centuries and have nothing to do with CO2 emissions. With last year’s El Nino phenomena ending, the northern hemisphere returned to a normal winter and the ice returned.

Blogger Stephen Goddard, who publishes under the name Tom Heller on Real Climate Scientist, recently pointed to a 1940 edition of the Townsville Daily Bulletin that trumpeted the news that Soviet explorers were reporting the Arctic ice cap back then was only six and half feet thick.

This put the ice cap 76 years ago at the same two-meter thickness alarmists were warning about this past summer.

The first paragraphs of the nearly eight-decade article titled, “The North Pole: Is it Getting Warmer” reads:

Is it getting warmer at the North Pole? From soundings and meteorological tests taken by the Soviet explorers who returned this week to Murmansk, Russia’s sole ice-free Arctic port, it was concluded that near Polar temperatures are on an average six degrees higher than those registered by Nansen 40 years ago.

Ice measurements were on an average only 6½ feet  against from 9¼ to 13 feet.

Then Goddard dug out a 1958 edition of the New York Times that stated the Arctic ice cap “was only about seven feet thick.” The article entitled, “The Changing Face of the Arctic,” curiously starts off with this paragraph:

“THUS did Jehovah, in a whirlwind, remind Job of the wonders of creation. In the Arctic of today the frozen face of the deep is changing and man seeks a scientific explanation for its growth and shrinkage.”

What these decades-old articles show is that the melting Arctic ice cap, trumpeted this past year as evidence of man-made global warming, is part of the Arctic’s natural cycle.

New York Times and newspaper clippings: Credit Real Climate Scientist

New York Times and Townsville Daily Bulletin newspaper clippings: Credit Real Climate Scientist

It reveals facts that no one seems to want to hear that natural forces — not man-made greenhouse gases — caused the melt.

I previously reported on statements made by Al Gore of the infamous global warming documentary The Inconvenient Truth who predicted in his 2007 Nobel Prize acceptance speech the Arctic would be ice-free in seven years — 2014.

Gore said:

“The [arctic] ice cap is falling off a cliff, it could be completely gone in summer in as little as 7 years from now.”

Of course, it isn’t. In fact, with the return of cold winters it is now growing.

Then in a March 2000 interview with The Independent, Global Warming scientist Dr. David Viner warned that in a few years:

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”

He added that because of man-made Global warming, “snow will become ‘a very rare and exciting event.”

When he made this prediction, Dr. David Viner was working for England’s University of East Anglia’s climate research unit — used by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to develop its man-made global warming policy.




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