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Catholic university supports setting up campus club wanting to help ISIS

James O’Keefe runs Project Veritas. Using video, his group goes undercover to record and expose corruption and questionable activities among the political élite of America.

In their most recent video, they showed officials at Barry University, a Catholic school, essentially supporting the setting up of a pro-ISIS club on campus.

ISIS is the Middle East terrorist group brutalizing Iraq and Syria. We recently posted a story of the organization beheading 21 people in Libya because they were Christians. Media also seems to release daily reports on horrific atrocities being committed by ISIS.

Laura, an honors student from Barry University’s Miami campus, is working with Project Veritas in this sting. She approaches campus officials in charge of student organizations about setting up a pro-terrorist club. In the video covering two separate meetings with campus personnel, Laura says the goal of the group is to provide financial aid to ISIS.

One of the things Laura specifically mentions is providing flashlights. She cites the damage to the electrical infrastructure in Iraq and Syria as being a problem and then adds ISIS fighters are also finding it difficult to fight at night and the flashlights would be a valuable asset.

The Barry representative is not the least bit fazed by this and recommends the group use Costco because of its good shipping rates.

The bigger issue for campus staff is the name of the group. Laura says she is considering calling the club Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

When Laura wonders if the name is appropriate — considering many Middle Eastern countries are at war with ISIS — a Barry representative suggests removing the reference to Islamic State (because of its terrorist connection) and replace it with a less controversial term like “Middle East.”

The Campus official then suggest Laura’s group should come up with alternative names, in case their first choice runs into problems. But other than the name, they did not see any problems with the group receiving university approval and even funding.

Laura then discusses setting up a booth at the university’s Festival of Nations where they could hand out the black ISIS flags and materials. The Barry rep says it is the “perfect event” to promote the club’s goals.

At the end of the video, James O’Keeffe sums of the video saying:

“It is disturbing to see our nation’s university system festooned with professors and administrators that are sympathetic to ISIS.”

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