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“Pop Evil” band member casts demon out of brother after Ouija board session

Tony (Anthony) Greve had it all. He played guitar for a popular alternative-rock band Pop Evil which he had joined in 2007. The band had four top ten singles, and Anthony was a rock star with all its trappings.

But in the midst of Pop Evil’s growing popularity, Anthony struggled with depression. The more popular the band became, the deeper his depression.

In an article on Charisma, Anthony described it this way:

“It was like going into a black hole. It felt like you were walking into a black hole going deeper and deeper into darkness.”

Because of this struggle, Anthony called out to God for help and it came in the form of a pastor who prayed for Anthony.

And though initially it felt like nothing had happened, while alone in a hotel room Anthony prayed for further guidance. It was during this prayer time, God told Anthony he was created to have a relationship with his Heavenly Father. It then dawned on Anthony that he needed to repent of his sin, which he did deeply and sincerely.

Anthony said as soon as he did that, “I broke, I mean something in me broke. I just — it was like I fell into His [God’s] arms.”

After this experience, Anthony realized he needed to leave Pop Evil. When he phoned home to tell his family of his decision to follow Christ and leave the band, they (particularly his father) were outraged.

They could not believe he wanted to leave the band.

Because of this and other reasons, Anthony stayed with Pop Evil, and quickly fell back into the lifestyle of sex, drugs and alcohol. Still, he felt conflicted between his faith and the lifestyle that came with being a rocker.

But God wasn’t done.

A few months later, while on his way home to visit family, God led Anthony to a passage in Mark 9. In this account, Jesus cast an evil spirit out of a boy after His disciples had failed to do so. Anthony wondered if God was telling him he had a demon.

When he arrived home, because of the disturbing question this Bible deliverance had brought up, a friend suggested Anthony consult a Ouija board for some answers.

Anthony thinking it was nothing more than an innocent parlor game decided, along with his brother, to give it a try.

What happened in the resulting power struggle with the demonic realm changed Anthony’s life.

Anthony said:

“All of sudden it [the Ouija board] began to work. And something began to feel terribly wrong. And in that moment, my brother cries out and this thing enters his body. And it just kind of flies him back on the ground. I remember stepping back and just being terrified. He turned and looked at me. I had never experienced that much hate in all of my life to see this thing looking at me through my brother.”

It was then Anthony remembered the verse from Mark how Jesus had driven the demon out of the boy. Anthony felt a surge of power and immediately cast out the demon in Jesus’ name. Similar to what happened in Mark 9:26, Anthony watched his brother convulse as the demon left.

Through this encounter with the demonic realm, Anthony saw first-hand the reality and authority of the Kingdom of God. He left Pop Evil in 2012 and today is attending seminary with a goal of going into ministry.

With a resurgence in the Ouija board’s popularity, I have noticed more stories circulating about them. I don’t know if it is God trying to warn of their danger, or these accounts are just the predictable result of increased usage. Though most consider them an innocent parlor game, there are more sinister forces at work than many realize.

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