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What is a massive oak forest doing at the bottom of the North Sea?

Oak trees at the bottom of the North Sea Image: Screen capture BBC YouTube

Oak trees at the bottom of the North Sea Image: Screen capture BBC YouTube

Dawn Watson and Rob Spray were scuba diving about 300 meters off the the coast of Cley Next to the Sea, Norfolk, England when Dawn made an incredible discovery. Cley Next to the Sea is located on Britain’s North coast bordering the North Sea.

Dawn found a forest of oak trees at the bottom of the ocean. This included complete, but now fallen trees, some with branches 24 feet long (8 meters).

The forest, previously buried in the sand, was probably uncovered by a recent storm in the area. A survey of the forest suggests at one point it may have stretched from England to Europe, covering thousands of acres.

Watson who works for Seasearch, a project sponsored by the Marine Conservation Society, said she had originally intended to scuba dive closer to shore, but was forced to dive further out because of rough waters.

In an interview with the Dailymail she said:

‘It was amazing to find and to think the trees had been lying there completely undiscovered for thousands of years. You certainly don’t expect to go out for a quick dive and find a forest.’

Of course, the question is what is a massive forest doing at the bottom of the ocean?

At one time, England was connected to Europe. However it is believed this land mass, now called Doggerland, was covered over by a catastrophic flooding that took place about 10,000 years ago.

In a previous post, I reported on scans of the English Channel done in 2006 by researchers with the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain. They discovered  huge gouges at the bottom of the channel — one was 170 feet deep and 7 miles wide (11 kilometers). Based on what they discovered, they concluded a powerful flood created the channel, separating England from Europe, in a matter of days.

I believe these are simply the remnants of the world-wide flood recorded in the Book of Genesis. In addition to the rain, the Bible says that the fountains of the deep burst (Genesis 7:11,12), gushing out huge torrents of water. I suspect one of those created the gorge at the bottom of the English Channel.  Once the waters receded, low areas remained covered.

As much as people like to deny the Genesis flood ever happened, they continue to find evidence it did.

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