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The Bible’s camel controversy

When people question the Bible, one thing that has been thrown out is the several references to camels in the Book of Genesis. It was actually the focus of an article by New York Times reporter, John Wilford entitled, Camels Had No Business in Genesis. Written in 2014, Wilford focussed on a study conducted by researchers at the University of Tel Aviv, who concluded that camels were not domesticated in Israel until the reign of King Solomon (971 BC-931 BC). So obviously any mentions of domesticated camels in the Promised Land prior to this date were just wrong and this includes those owned by the Patriarch Abraham who lived around 2100 BC. It may even suggest that the person who wrote Genesis lived during King Solomon’s time and just presumed that camels were in use during the time of Abraham. In other words, it was not Moses who wrote the first five books of the Bible. But one thing that strikes me about the accuracy of the Bible is its focus on the smallest details. …

What I saw in the doctor’s office

[by Dean Smith] I was waiting in the doctor’s office for an appointment when I saw it — another confirmation of the Book of Genesis. The waiting area is a large room with eight rows of padded chairs down the middle.  In the far corner, there is an enclosed play area for children. Only a choice few chairs have arms. I quickly sat in one of those. The room was half full of people with various ailments. Old to young. Mostly women.

What is a massive oak forest doing at the bottom of the North Sea?

Dawn Watson and Rob Spray were scuba diving about 300 meters off the the coast of Cley Next to the Sea, Norfolk, England when Dawn made an incredible discovery. Cley Next to the Sea is located on Britain’s North coast bordering the North Sea. Dawn found a forest of oak trees at the bottom of the ocean. This included complete, but now fallen trees, some with branches 24 feet long (8 meters). The forest, previously buried in the sand, was probably uncovered by a recent storm in the area. A survey of the forest suggests at one point it may have stretched from England to Europe, covering thousands of acres.

Another confirmation of Exodus: Has a statue of Joseph been found?

If you ever watch any movies about the Exodus, they usually portray Ramses as the Pharaoh. One thing secularists have complained about is the lack of extra-Biblical evidence of the Exodus in archaeological excavations in Egypt. The Biblical portrayal of the ten plagues as being catastrophic and national would certainly call for a mention somewhere, they suggest. Well there are such mentions but the problem is we are not looking at the right Pharaoh. The Ipuwer Papyrus, on display in a Dutch museum, lists six of the plagues including water turning to blood and a great darkness. But it dates to a period connected to the Hyksos who ruled Egypt many centuries before Ramses. A second, the Ahmose Tempest Stela, goes into detail on a great darkness that covered Egypt — again dated to the Hyksos period. There is now a third confirmation — possibly a statue of Joseph — also from the time of the Hyksos, but at the beginning of their reign. Who in the world are the Hyksos? Around 2000 BC, a …