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A clear signal

Mihajlo Pupin (1916) a scientist who saw God in creation.

Mihajlo Pupin (1916) a scientist who saw God in creation.

[by Earl Blacklock] The next time you have an x-ray, you may want to pause a moment to give thanks for Mihailo Idvorsky Pupin. His invention of the fluoroscope cut x-ray exposure times from about an hour to mere seconds. He also discovered secondary x-rays, the product of atoms struck by primary x-rays.

Pupin’s invention of the Pupin inductance coil increased the distance a long distance telephone call could be transmitted by amplifying the signal along the line without distortion. His oscillating circuit made it possible for telephone companies to send several messages simultaneously on a single line.

He sold to the Marconi Corporation patents for a process of electrical tuning and an invention for the conversion of high frequency electrical waves, which allowed clearer radio signals over long distances.

Pupin received a total of 24 patents which primarily focused on the transmission of clear signals over long distances. He was elected President of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science. He was recognized by U.S. President Harding for his research during World War I in submarine detection and a system of communication between airplanes. And his autobiography, “From Immigrant to Inventor”, won the Pulitzer Prize.

So what did this man of science think about God? He believed science had demonstrated the existence of an intelligent Designer.

He said:

“Wherever science has explored the universe, it has found it to be a manifestation of a coordinating principle. It leaves us no escape from the conclusion that back of everything there is a definite guiding principle. We are faced with two alternatives: either the law and order of the universe is the result of haphazard happenings, or it is the result of a definite intelligence. Now which are you, as an intelligent being, going to choose? Personally, I believe in the Divine Intelligence because it is simpler and more intelligible. It harmonizes with my whole experience.”

Pupin went on to explain, “When you see a seed grow after a definite plan into a tree, or a baby develop into a self-directed human individuality, can you believe that it is the result of haphazard happenings? Such a belief is beyond my understanding.”

Pupin made clear that he considered his Christianity to be consistent with his science. He said “If science does not assist me to give myself and others a better religion, a better understanding of the Creator, and a closer personal touch with Him, if science does not assist me in carrying out the Divine purpose, then I am a failure as a scientist. But science has made me a better Christian; I believe it will make better Christians of all men and women who try to understand its simple and beautiful laws.”

Paul in Romans 1:20 said something similar:From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God.”

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