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Muslims claim ‘Superman’ is a Jewish conspiracy

Superman a Jewish conspiracy?

Superman a Jewish conspiracy?

A Hezbollah TV station based in Lebanon, Al-Manar, recently claimed ‘Superman’ is a Jewish conspiracy. And it’s not just ‘Superman,’ but this applies to all superheroes.

According to Israel today, in a report that aired the last week of February 2014, Al-Manar stated Jews created Superman to take “over the world’s greatest power, controlling all aspects of her daily life and harnessing it in service to Jewish interests all over the world.”

Al-Manar further alleged that Hollywood itself was created by Jews as part of this plan for world domination.

In its article, Israel Today said:

To strengthen their assertions, Al-Manar spoke to a Professor Farroukh Majidi, who argued vigorously that the most dangerous thing in the world is the culture of the Jewish people, which contaminates the whole world through movies and television shows featuring heroes inspired by Jewish figures. The world, Majidi warned, must be wary of the intrusion of Jewish culture and fight against it.

In fact, Superman was created by two young Jews — Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster — in 1938.

According to Fox News reporter Justin Craig, for many Jews at that time Superman was:

“a metaphor for Jewish immigrants in 1930s American. Created by two young Jewish men, Superman was an allusion to the Jewish faith and history, from his baby Moses-like origins, his golem-esque invincibility, to his outcast status and his ultimate struggle to assimilate in a new land.”

Despite its Jewish roots, it is difficult to see a Jewish conspiracy.  In fact, some argue the recent Superman movie, Man of Steel, has more Christian symbolism than Jewish.

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