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“The More” by Downhere

This is one of my favourite songs from the Christian band — Downhere. The band’s lead singer Marc Martel caused a controversy when he won the role as lead singer in Queen’s tribute band organized by the remaining members of Queen in 2011.

Called the Queen Extravaganza, people submitted Youtube videos performing for the band position they wanted to fill and people voted.

Throughout his singing career, people often told Marc Martel how much he sounded like Freddie Mercury, the deceased lead singer of Queen. At the urging of a friend, Marc created a video and uploaded it to the Queen Extravaganza site. You can view the video below. Marc shocked listeners by how much he sounds like Freddie Mercury who died in 1991.

In a week, the views on Marc’s video went from o to over a million. Today, it has over 8,000,000 views.

Marc was the runaway leader. It wasn’t even close. The problem is Freddie Mercury was bisexual and Marc Martel an Evangelical Christian. Many homosexuals had problems with a Christians singing for Freddie Mercury and many Christians had trouble with Marc singing for Freddie Mercury.

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