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“I felt like I died” — Patti’s heart-rendering testimony about her abortion

When the pro abortion movement launched its “1-in-3” campaign calling on women to share their happy memories on abortion, Virtue Media knew it needed to counter this message. The stats showed many women who abort a baby will suffer depression and even substance abuse as a result.

The abortion movement will use the pro-choice testimonies in celebrations planned for 32 states. They based the “1-in-3” campaign name on their belief a third of women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

At the end of October 2013, Virtue Media released six ads featuring heart-rending testimonies of women and their abortion experience.

In this ad, we hear Patti’s testimony about her abortion at age 16. Though it happened years earlier, her grief is still real today.

“I felt like I died. I really felt like a part of me died that day,” she said.

In her interview, she says “I had experienced a rape at a very young age, and I compared it very much to rape – very traumatic.”

She adds the anguish “compounds because of other choices you make as a result of the pain and the suffering that you’re going through.”
.div title=”Page 1″>This isn’t the first time Virtue Media produced pro-life ads. A 2011 campaign — that saw its ads viewed by millions of people on such cable networks as MTV and BET — resulted in 12,847 women contemplating abortion or suffering from its aftermath contacting Virtue Media and its associates for help.

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