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Man raised from dead by son’s shout, shocks medical staff

Man raised from dead by son's shout. Doctor says he has never seen anything like this and declares it a miracle.

Man raised from dead when son shouts, “Dad, you are not going to die today.” Man’s wife credits faith.  Doctor says he has never seen anything like it and declares it a miracle.

OHIO. US: When Melissa found her 37-year-old husband unresponsive at their home in West Carrollton, Ohio on August 5, 2013, she immediately called an ambulance. When the medics arrived, they found Tony Yahle with no heart beat. After several shock treatments, they restarted Tony’s heart and rushed him to the hospital.

What followed would “flabbergast” Dr. Raja Nazir a cardiologist with the Kettering Medical Centre.

Nazir said “In the last 20 years, I’ve never seen anybody we pronounced dead …. and then for him to come back … I’ve never seen it. I’m calling it a miracle.”

After Yahle arrived at the hospital, his heart stopped and after working on his patient without success, Dr. Nazir  declared Yahle dead.

However, Tony’s wife and friends from church were praying.  When their 17-year-old son Lawrence arrived at the hospital shortly after Dr. Nazir’s pronouncement, Tony’s heart had been stopped over 45 minutes.

Lawrence said he pointed at his father and shouted, “Dad, you are not going to die today.”

When nothing initially happened, Lawrence was turning to comfort his family, when he noticed activity on the heart monitor. Shocked medical staff worked on him and sent him to The Ohio State University medical center.

Five days later, Tony returned home with no apparent heart damage and planned to return to work in a few days.

In an interview with WhioTV, Melissa said, “People can believe it or not, but God actually spoke to me and said, ‘If you have faith, it will be done.’ From that moment on, I never doubted.”

Tony said he has no memory of what happened and added, “Nobody really has an explanation for it, medically anyway.”



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