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Christian student Suing Former University Professor over Forced Donation to Left-wing Causes

A Christian student, Nathan Barbieri, is suing a former Michigan State University (MSU) College of Business professor after she forced the students to make contributions to Planned Parenthood as part of her required class assignments, Fox News reports.

According to Fox News, the professor, Amy Wisner, is described as a far-left professor in the lawsuit being handled on behalf of Barbieri by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

The lawsuit alleges that the professor required the 600 students in her class to make a $99 donation to a group called ‘The Rebellion Community, (TRC)’ amounting to nearly a $60,000 contribution. It’s alleged that Wisner is personally in charge of TRC.

Another student is also suing the professor for being forced to support her political views.

According to a post on Wisner’s Facebook page, 100% of the donations to TRC are given to Planned Parenthood and other organizations ‘dismantling oppressive systems.’

Though MSU refunded the $99 contributions each of the students were required to make, Barbieri is suing Wisner because the money he donated to TRC is still going to Planned Parenthood, a cause that he as a Christian can’t support.

“We’re basically asking for all the money that she received to be given back to the students and then to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Nathan has two more years at the school. He doesn’t want professors to be able to do this. So we’re asking the court to order the university not to allow this to happen in the future,” said Tyson Langhofer, ADF’s senior counsel.

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