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When God healed Carlie Terradez of epilepsy

Having been divinely healed of epilepsy myself, this story about how God healed Carlie Terradez from this affliction caught my attention.

Though my epilepsy was nowhere as serious as Carlie’s, I was having two to three epileptic seizures a month before God healed me.

In Carlie’s case, her seizures were life-threatening. She started having the attacks and blackouts when she was 17 years old. When she had an epileptic seizure she had a 15-minute window when she needed to take her medication as failure to do so would spark a second attack, God TV reports.

The road to her healing started when a friend invited Carlie to attend a Bible study. During her first meeting, the leader had a moment of silence, where people could listen to the Holy Spirit.

Carlie who had never heard of this gawked at everyone who now bowed their heads. But during this brief interlude, God spoke to Carlie that if she gave her epileptic seizures to Him that she would be healed within two weeks.

Carlie was uncertain if God was actually speaking to her. So as she was preparing to attend the next Bible study, she asked if God was behind this promise then someone would spontaneously pray for her to be healed at the next Bible study.

Nothing happened during the meeting, but as she was going home, her friend said, “I really feel I [was] meant to pray for you.” And put her hands on Carlie declaring, “Be healed in the name of Jesus!”

As her friend prayed, Carlie felt the epilepsy switch in her mind being shut off and at that moment she was instantly healed and has since gone on to cofound Terradez Ministries.

My healing though not as dramatic was similar in some ways. I also started having seizures when I was in my late teens.

After being diagnosed with epilepsy, I was given Dilantin and though it didn’t completely stop the seizures it certainly reduced their severity.

When I had a seizure, I would literally hear a click, and suddenly everything I was seeing would start swirling around so fast that it became a blur.

After I started taking Dilantin, the swirling slowed down, enabling me to keep my balance somewhat. I could also still recognize the individual images that were slowly circling me.

I can’t remember the day I became a Christian, but I believe it was around Christmas.

About four months later, I woke up one spring morning, and suddenly realized that I had forgotten to take my Dilantin.

At that same moment, it also dawned on me that I hadn’t taken my drugs for four months and that I hadn’t had an epileptic seizure during that time.

I was living at home and going to university and equally amazing my mother, who nagged me daily about taking my medication, had completely forgotten to remind me as well.

Doctors told me that I would have epilepsy for the rest of my life, but I haven’t had an epileptic seizure since then, nearly 50 years ago, and I am convinced my healing occurred the moment I became a Christian.

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