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A Jihadist embraces Christ, after God speaks to him through several dreams

Kareem giving his testimony on One for Israel
Credit: One for Israel, YouTube capture

In an interview with a One For Israel Ministry, an Islamic Jihadist named Kareem shared how he converted to Christianity after he dreamed about Jesus for three consecutive nights, God TV reports.

Kareem had been raised a strict Muslim. He studied and memorized the Koran and believed he was called to wage war against the Christians and the Jews.

All aspects of his life revolved around Islam, but that changed when he saw an internet ad that posed the question: “Do you love Allah?”

Thinking it was a Muslim ad, he clicked on it and ended up on the web page of a Christian ministry, that told him about Jesus and the Bible.

After spending time on the website, for the first time in his life, Kareem was questioning Islam.

A short time later, Kareem was outside, and he looked at the sky, and prayed, perhaps without fully understanding who he was praying to:

“I looked at the sky and I said, ‘You know what, You are so big for me. I cannot find You. Please do something, I’m too small for You, just do something and find me. It’s not hard for You if You are there.’”

And his prayer was answered surprisingly that same night when he had a dream about Jesus Christ:

“In my dreams, I saw that I’m running on a very long road a lot of tree branches full of thorns chasing me, wanna kill me. At the end of the road, there was a man that I do not recognize and I shouted, ‘Please help me, do something!’ He just extended His hand put His hand on my shoulder and brought me before Him. Once he looked at me I found out that this is Jesus Christ. He looked deep into my eyes and said, ‘It’s your time to follow Me.’”

Initially, Kareem thought it was a hallucination, but he would have the same dream for the next two nights in a row.

Though some Muslims like Kareem hate Christianity, they are open to Jesus because the Koran says many positive things about Christ.

Jesus is considered to be a prophet of Islam (Surah 2:136) and as well a healer and miracle worker (Surah 3:49). Though, Muslims do not believe that Christ died on the cross, (they believe another man died in His place), the Koran states that Jesus was taken to heaven before He died.

The Koran also says that the Lord will return with the Muslim Messiah at the end of the age in the Islamic version of the apocalypse.

Unlike Mohammad, Christ is still alive, and the Koran has more to say about Jesus than even Muhammad, so because of this Muslims are open to Christ.

Though Muslims don’t believe Jesus is God (Surah 19:88-92), after encountering Christ in those three dreams, Kareem realized that there was more to Christ than what he had been told. Jesus was communicating with him through these dreams and because of this, he became a Christian.

Three years later he was water baptized.

This is just another of many testimonies of Muslims becoming Christians through dreams and visions.

These dreams are a fulfillment of a prophecy that Joel gave about the last days. In Joel 2:28, we read that God was going to pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh and one of the spinoffs of this is that people would start receiving divinely inspired dreams and visions.

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