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How Coronado, California ended homelessness

Homeless encampment in San Francisco, CA
Credit: Christopher Michel/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

The city of Coronado has done what most people would think impossible, considering it’s located in California, it has ended homelessness, Fox News reports.

The city, which is located in San Diego County and across the bay from San Diego, has the lowest homeless population in the state.

This is because the city has taken a unique approach to the problem.

Instead of feeding the homeless crisis by providing free drugs and paraphernalia, pandering to their criminal behavior and allowing them to live wherever they want, the city took a hard line.

In an interview with Fox and Friends, Mayor Richard Bailey (R) stated that city policies can actually have an impact.

He said there are basically two types of homeless, those who want help and those who don’t. The city, along with the police and its homeless services, has implemented policies leaving the homeless with only one option, which is getting the help they need.

Along with providing services to help people ‘get back on their feet,’ the mayor said:

We also make it very clear that we don’t tolerate encampments along our sidewalks, and we don’t tolerate other code violations such as being drunk in public or urinating in public or defecating in public. We just simply don’t tolerate these basic code violations. What ends up happening is an individual either chooses to get help or they end up leaving.”

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